Our Cookie Politic

This "Cookie Policy" applies to websites, proprietary sites of third-party platforms, programs accessed or used through such sites or third-party platforms.

By visiting sites, you agree to use cookies in accordance with this Cookie Policy. If you do not agree to use cookies, you must change your browser settings or refuse to use the sites. If you disable the cookies we use, this may affect the display of sites.

The table below shows the different types of cookies that we use on sites.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a simple text file that the website server saves on your computer or mobile device, and only this server can retrieve or read the contents of this cookie. Each cookie is unique to your browser. Each file contains anonymous information, such as, for example, a unique identifier, a site name, any numbers and numbers. This allows the site to remember, for example, your preferences when viewing it.

If you do not want to accept cookies

Some consider storing information on their computer or mobile device as intrusive, especially if this information is stored and used by third parties without their knowledge. If you want, you can block any or all cookies and even delete existing ones, but you must remember that you can lose some functions of this site.

  • Own cookies
  • Third-party cookies
  • Session Cookies
  • Persistent cookies
  • Flash cookie files

How we use cookies on websites

Own cookies

Your own cookies are set by the website you are visiting, and can only be read by this site.

Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are set by a different organization than the one you visit. For example, such a site can use third-party analytical tools that set their own cookies for the correct operation of their service (for example, Google). The site you visit may also contain built-in content from third-party sites that can create their own cookies.

More importantly, the site can be part of a third-party advertising network that publishes targeted advertising messages on it. Such sites can also monitor your activity on other sites. The company does not track your activities on other sites. We, our third-party service providers, advertisers, advertising networks and platforms, agencies and / or partners, can use cookies to manage and evaluate the performance of published advertising in (or through) the network and / or other networks and sites. This allows us, our service providers and partners to provide advertising that best suits your interests.

We, our third-party service providers, advertisers, ad networks and platforms, agencies and our partners can use "web markers", empty gif images or similar technologies that are small code elements placed on a web page to monitor behavior and Collection of data on visitors browsing the web page. For example, web beacons can be used to count the number of users browsing a web page, or to send cookies to a user's browser.

The sites may also contain items with third-party cookies (for example, "Like" from Facebook or "Tweet" from Twitter).

We also use the services of reputable third parties that provide us with data, reports, advertising responses and site performance, as well as supporting marketing messages and advertising. Third parties can view, edit or set their own cookies. We, our third-party service providers, advertisers, advertising networks and platforms, agencies and / or partners, can also install Web beacons for third-party data. The use of these technologies by third parties is subject to the provisions of their own privacy policy and is not provided for in this Privacy Statement.

Session Cookies

Session cookies are stored only for viewing time and are deleted from the user's device when the web browser is closed.

Persistent cookies

Such cookies are stored on your computer and are not deleted when you close the web browser. Constant cookies are used when we need to know who you are for two or more browsing sessions. We use such cookies, for example, to remember your settings, so that they will be preserved when you visit the site. You can delete persistent cookies by selecting the "delete" option in your web browser.

Flash cookie files

Many sites use Adobe Flash Player to transfer game and video content to users. They are used by a flash player for similar purposes, for example, to store settings or track users.

Flash cookie files work differently than cookie-files of a web browser (the settings of the above cookies can be changed via a web browser). You do not create separate cookies for certain tasks, but a single cookie with all the data. You can delete flash cookies from the Adobe Flash folder.