Methods to overcome anxiety

To effectively combat anxiety, you first need to understand what exactly are your causes of anxiety and nervousness.

Answer the following questions:

  • What (what spheres of my life) do anxiety attacks concern?
  • Is there any objective prerequisite for this, or is everything based on my speculations?
  • Under what circumstances does my anxiety increase, and under what circumstances does it worsen?
  • What can I do to make the feeling of heightened anxiety pass?

So, you have determined what exactly bothers you more and more often.

For example, you are tormented by financial instability (small incomes, upcoming expenses, etc.). As a rule, at the heart of our anxiety usually lies uncertainty. Therefore, we are fighting with anxiety, eliminating the unknown. We calculate our personal (or family) debit and credit for the next month or several: what income will necessarily go to your piggy bank, what else can you earn, what to save (maybe even sell something!), What expenses will necessarily arise, Where and on what terms you can take a loan or borrow money.

Formulate for yourself as clearly as possible how you will act in different ways of developing the situation - and the uncertainty will disappear! You yourself will be surprised at how much easier you will become aware of the situation that is disturbing you.

With anxiety it is best to fight together - discuss with your family ways to save money or earn money to replenish your family budget, ask for advice from a close friend.

Universal methods of combating increased anxiety


In general, increased anxiety, nervousness, suspiciousness - the lot of people with a weak vegetative system, as well as with uncomplicated psyche.

Hence the unexpected answer to the question "how to deal with anxiety?" - to strengthen one's own health and spirit.

It will be useful for you to master any relaxation techniques, start doing yoga. After all, it is difficult for a person to escape from the captivity of his thoughts that disturb him, he drives them in his head, gets nervous and twists himself even more - as a result, a vicious circle turns out.

Learn to break this circle - to be distracted from disturbing thoughts and to relax the body and head.

Autotraining and work on self

If you are, in principle, a person who is hypochondriac and insecure and alarms you cause any meetings, negotiations, important life situations, then you need to urgently master auto-training.

There are no ideal people - someone is lost in the public, someone has problems with the diction, someone with difficulty sets out their own thoughts ... But in the same way, there are no people without merit - someone has a beautiful and pleasant voice, Another person can be the soul of the company, and someone else has charismatic external data.

Determine the most impartiality of your strengths and weaknesses - the first you need to be able to file, and over the second one you can always work.

And do not forget to include mental auto-training in any alarming minutes!

Positive thinking

Not for nothing now everywhere and everywhere we are called to look at the world positively! This is a great way to combat anxiety. Because constantly thinking about the bad, we draw to ourselves the bad situations, the dark people.

Conversely, bright, joyful thoughts materialize into all the good things that begin to happen to us in life.

Try to be surrounded by images of happy people (including your photos and your loved ones), nature, animals or beautiful landscapes, pleasing the eye color. It can be photos, pictures, images on your computer desktop.

Active life

If you do not occupy your mind with work, anxious thoughts begin to occupy it. In order not to leave any emptiness for them, fill every day of your day in addition to the usual things with what brings you positive emotions: walking with your loved one or having a tea party with the whole family, reading a good book with a child or a favorite movie, knitting or other hobby that brings joy.