What is emotional stress?

Emotional stress is often confused with stress, although these concepts should be shared. We can say that emotional stress is the cause, but the state of stress is a consequence. In addition, the stress is called the body's reaction to both psychological and physical overload. And in this article we will only talk about the emotional component of our life.

Emotions, no doubt, decorate our life, make it more complete. Joy, love, surprise, gratitude are all emotions that we experience all the time. And if we share willingly positive emotions, then the negative is very often held in ourselves.

It's good, if a person can spill out his emotions from time to time. Someone goes to a psychologist to talk about their difficulties, about what has "boiled up". Someone shares their problems, fears and resentments with friends and loved ones. Maybe that's why the true friendship of women is so appreciated. A man, even a loved one, can not always understand. But the best friend will always listen, pity and even give good advice.

Causes of emotional stress

The reason for the emotional stress is one - the inability to spill out negative emotions, get rid of them. They accumulate, and gradually a person can develop various neurotic disorders - from mild depression to a serious mental illness. Suffering and physical health. It's not a secret for anyone that the constant psychological stress negatively affects the work of the whole organism. Why, when a person is very worried about something, they say "the heart is torn to pieces"? Because during intense stress the load on this organ is really enormous. What can lead to long-term emotional stress, it's easy to guess. Of course, in addition to internal reasons, there are also external factors. These are the so-called stress factors - situations that cause negative emotions in us. This may be unloved work, family problems, unfulfilled dreams and much more. And if you can combat internal manifestations, then external factors can be difficult to change.

How to prevent emotional stress

To feel the state of emotional stress is very simple. In such cases, people say "it's hard for me" or "I feel bad". If you feel that way, then it's time to pull the tension off. But what to do, so that it does not arise at all? Of course, you can get rid of all the stressful factors - unloved work or a husband, from which some problems. But you will agree, it will not be possible to run away from problems endlessly. There is always something that we can change. But in most cases we have to accept the facts as they are. Therefore, you need to learn to prevent situations where emotional stress is increasing and can lead to neurotic disorders. To avoid it, you just need to adhere to some rules - the so-called psychohygiene.

First, do not hold everything in yourself. There are difficulties that a person can bear. And there are experiences that can lead to long-term depression, cause serious problems in relations with relatives and colleagues at work. The best way out is to share your experiences. Even a simple conversation on a "sick" topic can ease the condition. If you are sure of your loved ones, share with them. In some situations it is better to consult a psychologist. The specialist will let you not only talk out, but also give recommendations on getting out of the state of emotional stress.

Secondly, do not try to control everything around, including native people. Unfortunately, we often try to teach our loved ones, remake them for themselves. This is what causes many conflicts. We just can not get used to the idea that each person is an individual, he lives as he can, as he understands life itself. To remodel it is not only a senseless, but also a cruel occupation. Accept all people as they are. This will help you to maintain a state of calm and complacency.

Third, constantly develop. Emotional stress often appears to appear from scratch. It seems that everything is - a favorite work, family, friends, what else do you want? And on the heart of heaviness, accumulates irritation. Sometimes a person simply does not have enough development. It is necessary to constantly set goals and develop, no matter whether it concerns a profession, a hobby, raising children or even a banal cleaning in the house. New achievements will help to avoid a complex of inferiority and feelings of internal aggression, rejection of oneself.

Methods to combat emotional stress

Even using all the rules of psycho-hygiene, sometimes avoiding emotional stress is simply impossible. It's no secret that our world is full of stress - transportation, problems at work, lack of money and time. All this constantly presses on modern man. But with this stress you can fight. Of course, it will not be out of place to try and get rid of the factors that lead to emotional stress. If your work causes a feeling of persistent disgust in you, it is worth considering - is it worth it? If you have not loved your spouse for a long time, but live in marriage out of habit or out of fear of remaining alone, again you need to ask yourself - do you want to live this way all your life, in eternal sorrow and discontent? However, in most cases it is enough to change not stressful factors, but attitude to them. The following methods will help you to remain calm and to be in a state of harmony even in times when difficulties surround you from all sides.

Break the task into parts. This method helps, when it seems that the problem is simply impossible to solve. But if you break it into several small parts, it turns out that everything is not as scary as it seemed at first. The main thing is not to allow emotions to capture you, not to fall into hysterics. Try to ponder - what you can do first, what after that, etc.

Develop an action plan. Often the emotional tension builds up due to the fact that there is no clear plan of action. The man is tortured by the unknown - what will be and how will be, how to prepare for possible situations. Try to find as much information about the expected event as possible, it will calm you down and set you up for a constructive perception of the surrounding reality.

Consider all possible variants of the development of events. Sometimes it is simply impossible to build a plan because of a lack of information. It also happens that the fear of failure paralyzes a person and pushes on ill-considered actions. Try to consider all the options - how do you act in this or that case. Think, what will happen if your case really fails with a bang? Is it so scary? Most often it turns out that there are no insoluble situations, one can always find a way out. Understanding this simple thing calms and helps relieve tension.

Go in for sports. Most people do not associate their physical state with emotional. Meanwhile, often depression is caused by a banal lack of endorphins - "hormones of happiness." Our body produces them themselves, under the influence of physical exertion. In addition, sports helps to distract from the time of sad thoughts and focus on the work of the body.

Do not let yourself be sad. There are many ways to get rid of negative thoughts - from gathering in a cafe with friends and watching a comedy. Once you feel that negative emotions are accumulating, try to replace them with positive ones.

All these recommendations will help you get out of the endless range of problems and stress, let you look at the world from the other side. Do not let emotion control your life. Remember, it depends only on you, whether your life will be a continuous holiday or a succession of failures.